Behind The Scenes

James Butler, JB Paint, Tile & Landscaping LLC, owner, and his team had just finished a large commercial job that would make anyone happy. However, he found himself in a tight spot and worried because of the extreme timeline it would take to be paid. He realized, albeit reluctantly, that he needed some help. His friend spoke highly of The Callaway Bank, so he went to speak with a Commercial Banker and was surprised by what he experienced. “The atmosphere from the bank was welcoming; it was wholesome. I didn’t feel stressed. I didn’t feel like I had been taken for a ride when I left the bank. It was a positive experience.”

With over 15 years of experience, he and his crew complete every job with the attention to detail only an expert can bring. Being a business owner comes with many joys and many challenges. One of the bigger challenges to most businesses is cash flow. Payment for services rendered can vary, but with large commercial jobs, it can take months for the payment to arrive. In the meantime, the business owner still has to pay the bills.

This is where James found himself, and he knew that he needed to speak with someone but was unsure who or where. Based on his friend’s recommendation, he went to have a conversation with The Callaway Bank. He was a bit nervous because, like many small business owners, he was reluctant to approach a bank, but as James tells it, his conversation with Callaway led him to find “a partner.” He said, “It was eye-opening to me as an individual and as a business because it just opened my eyes to the possibilities that I could reach.”

Painting The Future

After having the initial conversation, presenting his business plan, and working with his new partner, he could take care of his immediate business needs. He could explore opportunities with newfound confidence. He has been thankful, knowing he now has a financial partner dedicated to his continued success and actively supports his goals.
In our conversation with James, he added, “I really wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone to come in [to The Callaway Bank] and have that conversation because you’d be surprised what you can get out of it.” He added, “I see me, my business, and The Callaway Bank in a long-term partnership.”

While JB Paint specializes in painting, flooring, and landscaping, they also offer additional services to meet all their customers’ needs. As with any great craftsman, his greatest joy is seeing the customer’s smiling face when they see the finished product. “I get a real thrill from the satisfaction of a homeowner looking at my work.”

James’s story is inspirational to other business owners caught in that common struggle between growth and cash flow. When working with a local financial partner that actively supports their business clients – the opportunities present themselves in new and inspiring ways.

The Callaway Bank is still locally owned and fiercely independent. This means decisions are made right here, with the community’s and customers’ interests in mind, just like it has been for over 160 years. While they take great pride in their history, they focus on the future. James’ initial business loan started his journey, but he found a partner to help his continued success. The Callaway Bank is dedicated to helping open doors for businesses. Contact a business banker today.

“The Callaway Bank was there for my moment that mattered.” – James Butler, owner JB Paint, Tile & Landscaping

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