Business Savings

Business Savings Accounts

You might be saving up to expand your inventory, buy a new piece of equipment to help your business run more efficiently, or you could just save up for that next big opportunity. No matter what you’re saving for, we’re here to help keep your money safe and secure until you’re ready to use it.

Requirements to Open a Business Savings Account:

The Callaway Bank is an FDIC member and your deposits are insured up to the maximum allowable coverage.
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Money Market Account

Advantage Money Market
Minimum Balance to Open$1,000
Minimum Balance Required Per Statement Cycle$1,000
Monthly FeeNo Monthly Fee if minimum balance is met and there are less than 51 deposited items
Interest BearingContact a personal banker for current rates.
Interest Compounded and Credited to Your Account Monthly. Fees May Reduce Earnings
Checks Included
First 50 deposited items$0

• 51+ deposited items per month

$0.075 each
Transactions Limitations per month6 Withdrawals
7 or more withdrawals per month, monthly fee$10
If balance falls below required minimum balance, monthly fee$10
Other Fees:Common Fees


Long and short-term CDs offer higher earnings than a regular savings account. Manage your earnings by combining your choice of time commitment, deposit amount, and either a variable rate, fixed rate or our popular “Bump” CD. With competitive interest rates, Callaway Bank CD’s is a great way to invest and earn on your extra money. The minimum to open a CD account is $500.

Withdrawal limitations and fees may apply depending on your account activity.

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