Our Free Student Debit / Checking Accounts are Designed with Students in Mind.

Low cost to start, and all the digital options you need.

With this account, there are no monthly service charges, no minimum balance required, and you only need $25 to open your account. Your account also comes with a Callaway Bank debit Mastercard®, or you can customize your debit card with one or your favorite pictures for $5.95.

FavCard Image of MU Columns

Don’t have a favorite picture? You can pick from our library of cards (which includes pictures of campus, greek life designs, and lots of other fun card options) for just $1.95.

Plus, Free Student Debit / Checking comes with all of the great technology that comes with our regular accounts, including our Mobile App, Bill Pay, Mobile Check Deposit, Apple Pay® and eStatements.

Overdraft Protection Options:

Sometimes its easy to run out of funds and not realize it. At that point do you prefer to have your account prevent further purchases so you avoid overdraft fees, or do your prefer to have access to extra funds for an additional fee?  Either way we can accommodate you!

  • Option 1:  Avoid overdraft fees by declining Courtesy Pay.  When your account is empty your debit card will be declined.
  • Option 2:  Access up to $800 in additional funds with Courtesy Pay for an additional fee per occurrence.  See details at the bottom of the page.

TIP:  Setup up eAlerts which notify you when you reach a particular balance level, such as when your account hits $100 remaining, you get a text alert that you’re getting low on funds.  eAlerts are included with Student Debit / Checking.

Free Student Debit / Checking

Monthly Service Charge$0
Minimum Balance to Open$25
Minimum Balance Required$0
Debit Mastercard®✔
Mobile App
Mobile Check Deposit
eStatement w/ Check Images
Fraud Analytics Protection
Online Bill Pay✔
24hr Telebanking✔
No Fees on Checks Written or Items Deposited✔
Other FeesCommon Fees
Optional Features
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection1$800 Limit
Paper Statement$3.95/mo

1Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection charges $32.50 per item overdrawn. The fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. ATM and everyday debit card transactions will be covered only if prior authorization is on file with the bank. Negative balances must be made current within 30 days, but will be subject to a $3.00 per day fee beginning the 3rd day the account is negative. Overdrafts are paid at the sole discretion of the bank. Overdrafts may not be paid if your account is not in good standing.

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Digital Wallets FAQs

What if I get a new card?

Let’s say you get a new card because your old one is expiring. You will need to load your new card into your wallet and go through the authentication process by calling the bank again. Then you can delete your old card from your wallet.

Are all mobile devices capable of using their respective digital wallets? (i.e. Can all iPhones use Apple Pay?)

No. Older phones are not compatible. Below are general rules of thumb to use:

iPhones have to be iPhone 6 or newer.
Samsung phones have to be Galaxy 6s or newer.
Android Pay is available on all non-rooted Android devices (KitKat 4.4+).
See your device manufacturer for more specific details.

Will the transaction appear differently on my statement?

No. It will look like any other debit or credit card transaction.

How is it secure?

Your card numbers are not stored on the phone. The wallet app assigns each credit and debit card a virtual card number, sometimes referred to as a token, that is only associated with the digital wallet and mobile device you use.
When you use your device to pay, the wallet doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead, it uses the virtual card number to represent your account info. Your card then is never exposed and neither is your checking account.
The apps require authorization via your fingerprint, passcode, or another security measure before completing the transaction. Additionally, to just have a card loaded the app will require the user to have their device security setup. Therefore if someone found your phone they couldn’t access your wallet without unlocking your phone.

What is the cost to use a digital wallet?

$0. Nothing. Nada. The purchase will be the same amount as if you paid with your card.

Please note that wireless data charges may apply and you should consult with your wireless carrier for more information.