During the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting last week,  Kim Barnes was named president of The Callaway Bank.  This action follows a succession plan put into place several years ago.    “Kim has been with the bank in a continuously expanding and meaningful role for over 25 years, ” says Bruce Harris CEO.  “This is a very positive event for the bank in a lot of ways.   I couldn’t be more comfortable knowing that Kim is at the helm.”

When Katherine Cummins of The Fulton Sun asked Kim what she is most looking forward to as she steps into her new role at the bank, she responded “keeping the institution moving into the future.  The environment of banking is changing.  I’m looking forward to responding to changes.  We have a strong history behind us, but we are not in the habit of looking over our shoulder.  We use that base and look forward to what we need to do next.”

Kim is the first president since sometime in the 1800’s who is not a Harris.  “Bruce and the other members of the Harris family have created a climate where it is possible for someone like me to step into the fold and we appreciate that.  It is an honor.  I’ve had such a string of mentors here at The Callaway Bank who have all helped me.  Bruce has taken such care to mentor me and prepare us all for this transition.  We feel it’s important for community banking to stay vital.  We support our communities and our communities support us.  We appreciate that every day and will not ever take their support for granted.”


Some of the quotes used were from the Fulton Sun’s October 25, 2012 article: Barnes named president of The Callaway Bank.