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Beware of little expenses. Even a small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Business profit has a tendency to disappear when your company experiences challenges in various areas.  Owners often think the cause of financial distress in their business comes from three primary issues; low cash, low gross margin, and or low net profit.
However each of these are not the problem, they are just a symptom.  Companies suffering from low cash, low gross margin, or low net profits will have other hidden financial problems that are causing these issues.  The challenge is in determining the cause behind the symptom.  Could it be too much inventory or not enough?  Maybe its low productivity or poor pricing.  Maybe it’s high hidden costs, or all of these problems and more.  Each of these issues will cause business profit to slowly erode, or leak out from your bottom line.  How can you as the business owner best determine the cause(s) to these symptoms?  After all, if you don’t know the source of the leak how can fix it?

Road Map To Discovering Business Profit Leaks

What if you had a road map that identified the actual problems?  Yes we’re changing metaphors, but nevertheless what if you had a proven process that worked like a road map to guide you from the symptoms back to the cause of the symptoms?  You could then address what is causing your low cash, low gross margin, and or low net profit.
In our upcoming Profit Mastery training we will present such a road map that provides a “big picture” overview, while at the same time leading you through a process to help pinpoint from where the problems are coming. This cause-and-effect analysis is an invaluable resource for owners in stopping profits from leaking out from the business.  This unique tool is one of several that will be provided which help you understand the financial drivers of your company, and how to fine tune them to generate greater profits.  You’ll even learn why net profit doesn’t always result in cash on hand.
This program is available to any business in the area.  Our goal is to provide you tools and insight to strengthen your company and manage it better.  We believe doing so benefits not only your business, but the community as whole.  We hope you’ll join us on October 15 – 16, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Columbia, Mo.
Click here to learn more about how this training will help strengthen your business.  It will be the best investment you make in your business all year.

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