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Let Us Help Demystify Business Finance.

We’ve created a program designed to help you improve your business in a motivational, instructional and fun environment. Our multi-layered approach to helping businesses succeed involves two parts: a easy-to-follow course and personalized coaching.

Kristen Brown, owner of Hoot Design Co., on her experience with the Profit Mastery course within the Callaway Business Coaching program.

See Beth Snyder’s, owner of 1canoe2, comments on the program too.

Why Callaway Business Coaching and Profit Mastery?

Running a business is always a challenge. The failure rate within the first four years is 50-70%. The economic volatility of the last few years has only increased that challenge. In our role as community bankers, we’ve seen a lot of businesses succeed and fail. And, we noticed a trend: a lack of knowledge about business finance. Our goal with this program is to help the small businesses in our community thrive, by providing the knowledge and tools that we feel businesses need to be successful.

Profit Mastery is a leading financial management program that gives participants the tools and confidence needed to manage their businesses by the numbers. The program provides independent business owners unparalleled financial perspective and tools to take advantage of opportunities. This program introduces invaluable management resources that should be a part of every business owner’s tool kit. Plus, we promise that Steve LeFever will have you laughing too!

Read more of the story behind Callaway Business Coaching here.

Who is Your Profit Mastery Instructor?

Steve LeFever, MBA, CFE, is the founder of Profit Mastery and one of the most unusual bank managers you’ll ever come across. He is arguably the most dynamic financial and independent business advocate working in North America today, and he is amazingly adept at presenting sophisticated financial concepts and tools in practical, understandable language. This is finance like you’ve never seen it before!

Steve’s work spans almost three decades and hundreds of industries.  His program is taught at banking schools and to a variety of domestic and international companies including; Harley-Davidson, Anheuser-Busch, John Deere, and Subway Restaurants. Learn more about Steve LeFever here.

What are the details of the course? Date? Time? Location?

2017 Dates:
October 25-26, 2017.
8 am – 4:30 pm

Hilton Garden Inn, Columbia, Missouri

(Callaway Bank customers receive a $50 credit)

Includes: Profit Mastery workbook, materials, and lunch. Plus, you get a minimum of 4 business coaching sessions to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Qualifies for 16 hours of CPE Credits for CPAs.

Space is limited. Register now!
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What are people saying about the Profit Mastery course?

“Every business owner and manager, regardless of size or type of company, should attend this session. The Profit Mastery tools are practical, intuitive, sophisticated, and immediately applicable. This is not theory; it is practical, real-world stuff , which is why I’m recommending it to all of my 1,200 business customers. This is an investment in yourself that you cannot afford to pass up. Be there!”

Cathy Young, CEO
Columbia EDP Center, Inc.

“Not only does Steve make the class very digestible for someone like me without a finance background, but he’s very funny and engaging! I would highly recommend it.”

Kristen Graham Brown, Owner
Hoot Design Co.

“Thank you for hosting us at the workshop today and yesterday. It was simply amazing! I’m sure it’s going to make a positive impract on our business.”

Beth Snyder, Owner

Part 1: Profit Mastery® Business Finance Course

Sponsored by The Callaway Bank and Columbia EDP, Inc.

Day 1 Topics

Monitoring Financial Position

  • Understanding the Income Statement
  • Roles of a Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratios & Efficiency
  • Financial Cause & Effect
  • Case Study & Practical Application

Cause & Effect:  Roadmap To A Bigger Bottom Line

  • Identifying Financial Distress
  • Seeing the Symptom
  • Identifying the Cause of the Problem
  • Prescribing a Cure
  • Improving Cash Flow and Profitability

Income Statement:  Break-Even Analysis

  • Managing the Income Statement
  • Understanding Cost Behavior
  • Contribution Margin
  • Applying Break-Even in Your Business
  • Case Study and Application

Day 2 Topics

Profit Planning & Cash Flow Analysis

  • Developing a Profit Plan & Budget
  • Identifying Key Patterns of Cash Flow
  • Developing Seasonal Cash Budgets
  • Cash Forecasting as a Tool
  • Funding Seasonal/Long-Term Growth

Planning & Managing Long-Term Growth

  • Role of the Balance Sheet
  • Operating Leverage
  • Cost of Growth
  • Planning Successful Growth
  • Case Study & Practical Application

Dealing with Banks & Investor Funding

  • Understanding Loan Approval
  • What Bankers Looks For
  • Putting a Package Together
  • Understanding What’s Important to Investors

Part 2: Coaching and Consulting

Participants receive a minimum of four coaching and strategy sessions with one of our Callaway Bank Business Bankers. They’ll help you prepare for and apply the techniques you learned from the course.

  • Pre-Course Meeting
    Two weeks prior to attending the course, we’ll sit down to review some of the materials you’ll want to have ready to help you get the most out of the course.
  • Industry Data
    We’ll also provide you with data specific to your particular industry. This will give you a good comparison of your business’ performance and efficiency ratios to others in your field.
  • Post-Course Meeting
    Two weeks after, we’ll discuss practices and techniques from the course, and how best to apply them to your business. We’ll also answer questions you may have thought of after the course. We can also help you create and analyze a plan for improving your bottom line.
  • New Year Check-Ups
    In January and March, we’ll meet again. This will give us the opportunity to continue the conversation and help you progress on the goals you developed from the course. After that, we’ll continue to sit down together a couple times a year, or more, if needed.

We’re Here To Help You Succeed and Grow Your Business.

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