I have been with Callaway Bank my whole life. My family has been with them for 50 to 70 years. They have always helped me anytime I needed it.

- Sharon B.

Anytime I needed anything they’re willing to work with me. They do whatever they needed to do to find a way to make things work.

- William S.

I’ve been very happy with Callaway Bank. It’s a good family bank.

- Cole J.

I am very happy with Callaway Bank. I would give 10 thumbs up for construction loans and other loans that I’ve had there. I keep coming back for most of my loans. We built a new house and ended up having a construction loan and doing a final loan as well.

- Steven T.

I am very satisfied with my refinance. The whole staff was helpful throughout and the rate and fee waiver for opening a checking account were great!

- Craig S.

I was interested in getting a car loan this past week for a new car, so I called Callaway Bank where I do all my banking. The loan at the bank was approved the same day. The banker followed up with me several days in a row making sure I had all the documents to purchase the new car completed, and called the car dealership several times making sure they sent all the documents. I was able sign off on all the bank documents there and pick up the check I needed for the car dealership.

- Don G.

It was the best mortgage loan process we have ever done, and look forward to our future with The Callaway Bank.

- Eric M.

I’m very happy with the service from Callaway Bank. I went in and was waiting for a safety deposit box and the ladies were very pleasant. I recently received a phone call from them to ask me about charges, to prevent fraud. Everything was fine but they called to make sure they were valid charges. I wasn’t expecting that and it was nice to know they want to prevent fraud.

- William H.

Ann Colgrove is the best loan officer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been in my business for over half a century and she’s the best. I opened my new account at Callaway Bank because of her. She’s knowledgeable and offers excellent guidance. Callaway is a good lender, I’ve had a checking account with them in the past. They’re just excellent and I couldn’t ask for better service.

- Carl F.

I’m very happy with the service I receive from Callaway Bank. They’re always there when I need them. I like their online banking service. I rarely go into the branch anymore. Everything is done online or deposited by mail. They’re always ready to help. They jump right in when we need anything.

- Michael M.

I have been very happy with the service from Callaway Bank. Every time I’ve went in to make a payment on my loan they’ve always been very helpful and polite. Brian Hughes my loan officer is extremely helpful, and when I had questions about PMI insurance he got back to me really quick. I like that they take your individual situation into consideration verses just a blanket “no” like my other bank just because policy says it should be that way.

- Ashley W.

Everything has been great with Callaway Bank. They’re an outstanding bank and do great things for the community. Debbie LaRue is excellent, she does great things outside of the bank. When you see their employees out on the street they always speak to you and are very friendly. They’re a home owned bank and real polite, I’m very happy with them and have been with them for over 35 years.

- Deborah R.

I have been completely satisfied with Callaway Bank. Everything has been very good. They’re always there for me. They do whatever I need when I need it. They make things very simple and work well with my family. I like how easy they are to work with.

- Treysen G.

I’m happy with the service I receive from Callaway. I recently had to call with a question. The guy I talked to was nice and quick to answer questions. I haven’t had any issues with this bank. I don’t use any other bank, I’m satisfied with my account here. I like that the representatives are easy to get a hold of when I need help.

- Jessica W.

I’m happy with the service I received with the loan process. Callaway was recommended by somebody I know who was a previous customer. Ann helped me and she was great. She was friendly and made the process simple. I like that the representatives there are very personable.

- Sheila Z.

I paid off my mortgage with Callaway and I’m starting a new one. I’ve been very satisfied with the service. I have recommended them to other people. I’ll continue to do that if I have the opportunity. They are really great and easy to work with. They’re just all-around perfect. I’m very happy with them.

- Amanda W.

We have multiple accounts with Callaway Bank. We recently completed a home loan. Brian was amazing and kept us informed throughout the process. He was very helpful with closing and came to our work so we wouldn’t have to miss work to sign documents. My husband and I both use Callaway and are very happy.

- Nicholas F.

We have banked at Callaway Bank since 1976 and we are very happy with the service.

- Steven R.

They were quick to reach out to me when they suspected fraud on my account. They did everything they could to stop it. Callaway is the only bank I use and they take good care of me. They would bend over backwards for me.

- Timothy G.

I am completely satisfied with Callaway Bank. I don’t have any issues with them. Whatever I need they take care of it. I have no issues at all. It’s convenient and there are plenty of branches near me. They are always helpful and provide everything I need.

- Martin W.

I work with Glenn Harris and he is absolutely the bomb. I email him whenever I need help and I have his cell phone number as well.

- Tim R.

I always use the app to make deposits with checks. It also makes it super easy to transfer funds between accounts when necessary.

- Claire B.

I’m very happy with the service from Callaway. They’re the only bank I use if that tells you anything.

- Zachery E.

I have been really pleased with Callaway Bank. Awhile back I tried to refinance with another bank that I was with for over 22 years. They denied me but Callaway helped me with no problem at all. I was elated and am very happy with the service.

- Timothy K.

They’re always on top of everything. They do everything I need them to do. I feel like they’re more personable than other banks. Everybody there knows my name and I feel like they’re just more of a local bank. They’re a lot easier to deal with than other banks I’ve used in the past. Callaway offers everything I need like a bigger bank but has a small town feel.

- Chance F.