Enroll In or Manage Your eAlerts and Text Banking

eAlert Setup Using The Personal Mobile Banking App

With our Personal Mobile App, you can set up or manage your eAlerts or Text Banking notifications in just a few minutes, all from the convenience of your cell phone!

Step 1: From your Mobile Banking app, log in and open the main menu. If you aren’t enrolled in online banking, you can tap “enroll now” from the Personal Mobile App login screen, or click here!

Step 2: In the main menu, tap “eAlerts/Text Banking”

Step 3: From this menu, you can add or manage your eAlerts, change your eAlert delivery options, enroll in Text Banking, or update your Text Banking account names. If you need additional guidance, you can also tap “Instructions” for additional information.

 Mobile Banking account example

Don’t Have The Personal Mobile App?

If you don’t have the mobile app, learn more about it or download it from your app store here!

Don’t want the app, but still want to receive eAlerts? Fill out the form below so our Customer Care Team can get your notifications set up for you.

¹The Callaway Bank does not charge you a fee for using eAlerts. However, you must have a web-enabled cell phone to receive alerts via your wireless device, and your wireless carrier may charge for incoming text messages. Please check with your wireless carrier for details.

eAlert/Text Banking FAQs

If I want to receive eAlerts /Text Banking alerts, do I have to download the mobile app?

You can setup eAlerts through the desktop access or via the mobile app. For step by step instructions go to our interactive guide: https://mcompany.cld.bz/The-Callaway-Bank-Digital-Banking-Guide/65/

What if I switch mobile carriers or purchase a new device? Will my eAlerts continue?

If your mobile number doesn’t change, your eAlerts/Text Banking will continue without interruption. If your mobile number changes, please contact Customer Care to update your information.

How do I enroll in eAlerts or Text Banking with the Mobile App?

From your Mobile Banking app, simply log in and click eAlerts/Text Banking from the main menu. Next, go to eAlert Delivery Options, choose your preferred form of contact (Text Alerts or Email), and then enter your phone number (xxx xxx xxxx) or email address. Then go to Add an eAlert, select your desired eAlert(s), and you’re ready to go.

Will the eAlerts or Text Messages sent to my device contain any identifying information?

No, the eAlerts/Text Banking messages you receive will only contain the last four digits of your account number or the nickname of your account(s).

Is eAlerts/Text Banking safe?

Yes, security is taken care of with the latest industry standards in encryption and authentication.

Is there a fee for eAlerts or Text Banking?

No, The Callaway Bank does not charge a fee for eAlerts or Text Banking. However, some mobile carriers charge a fee for texting, so please contact your mobile provider regarding fees for text messaging.

Who is eligible for eAlerts or Text Banking?

All personal accounts are eligible to use eAlerts and Text Banking.

What is Text Banking, and is it different than Mobile Banking?

Text Banking allows you to get instant updates by texting the bank a specific message, and a response is sent to you (without logging into your app). From your Mobile Banking app, pick what account(s) you want to enable Text Banking on. You can even set an easy-to-remember nickname for your accounts.

What are the Text Banking messages I need to send for an instant text response back?

You can text BAL, HIST, XFER, HELP, STOP to 800-446-2265.

  • Text: BAL for all available account balances with Text Banking activated
  • Text: BAL and the last four of your account number or nickname to receive your available balance for that specific account.
  • Text: HIST for the last five transactions posted to your active Text Banking account(s).
  • Text: HIST and the last four of an account number or account nickname to receive transaction information for that specific account.
  • Text XFER [from last four of an account] [to last four of an account] [amount] — This transfers funds between two accounts. Example: XFER 1234 6789 25.00
  • Text: XFER [from acct nickname 1] [to acct nickname 2] [amount] — Transfers funds between two accounts. Example: XFER Chkg Svgs 25.00
  • Text: HELP For a list of available commands and customer service information.
  • Text: STOP to deactivate alerts and remove enrollment
What types of transactions can I receive eAlerts for?

You can have a Transaction alert set up for any of the following transaction types: debit card, checks (includes checks and ACH’s), wires and deposits incoming and/or outgoing, or choose all categories for alerts on all options.

  • Debit Cards include purchases, ATM withdrawals, and ATM deposits
  • Checks include written/deposited and withdrawals, in-branch, and ACH payments
  • Wires
  • Deposits include ACH (electronic) transactions, such as direct deposits or automatic withdrawals
  • Online Banking transfers
What type of eAlerts can I set up?

Receive an email or text for the following account changes:

  • Transaction – alerted when a transaction of a specific amount occurs.
  • Transaction Threshold – alerted when a transaction is above or below a specific amount.
  • Balance Threshold – alerted when your balance is above or below a specific amount.
  • Daily Balance – alerted with current balance at a scheduled time of specified days of the week.
  • Monthly Balance – alerted with current balance at a scheduled time on a specified day of the month.
What are eAlerts?

eAlerts are electronic alerts that will keep you updated with an email or text based on your preferences.