On Monday, September 8th, 2014 The Home Depot® acknowledged that they had a nationwide breach of credit and debit cards used in their U.S. and Canada retail stores going back to April 1, 2014.  They stated that it did not include purchases through their website.  This breach is estimated to affect 60 million cards, which is bigger than Target’s breach of 40 million cards from November 2013.  These security breaches are unfortunate, and a tremendous pain for everyone involved.  However, it is important to remember that if you experience any fraud resulting from this or any other security breach, you are not liable for the loss, and you will be reimbursed the funds.  Contrary to a lot of misinformation going around, this zero liability standard applies to debit and credit card holders.
In the case of this breach at The Home Depot, they are offering 12 months of free identity protection services, including credit monitoring to any person who used a payment card at a Home Depot store in 2014, from April on. For more information about taking advantage of their offer, please  call 800.HOME.DEPOT.
Information Specific to Callaway Bank Customers:
Because fraud at any level is not new, our systems constantly monitor cards for suspicious activity.  For instance, if you just bought groceries in Columbia, MO and 10 minutes later your card is used in LA to buy a TV, that will kick out an alert.
Regarding this breach with Home Depot we are analyzing card transactions to identify any cardholders who may be at risk.  If we identify any cards that we believe are at risk, we will contact the cardholder to discuss a replacement card.
However, you are the best person however to spot suspicious activity with your account.  Below are some tips to help you protect your account at all times:

  • Routinely review monthly checking account statements to identify any unauthorized purchases.
  • Monitor your account activity online through telebanking (888.642.6060), online banking, or our Mobile App
  • Changing your debit card PIN number helps prevent some types of fraudulent activity.  PINs can be changed at any of our ATMs
  • Setting up eAlerts on your checking account helps you better monitor your account activity by emailing or texting you when certain things happen with your account such as a low balance level.

If unauthorized charges are found or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Care Team immediately by phone or live online chat.
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More information about protecting yourself from identity theft can be found here.