July 15, 2011

Every day, we see something about the stock market on the news. Up, down, bear, bull… things are always moving when it comes to Wall Street. However, it’s easy to get confused about what’s best, what should be avoided and who should be consulted.

The first thing to do when thinking about investing is to do your research and know that you’re going to be making a major financial commitment. This research should include studying how the market is doing, what sort of trends are happening and what sort of investing you’d like to be doing. Whether it be stocks or bonds, it is important to understand the (literal) ups and downs of the market.

Talking to an expert, such as our Investment Executives, can help you determine what investments can be best for you. They can take a look at your finances, go over your specific goals for wanting to invest and help develop a plan that will be right for you. They can also help determine the appropriate amount of money you may want to invest. Because everyone’s situation is different, it is important to talk to someone who has experience and knowledge with different investment options.

After you’ve made your investment decisions, it’s important to stay informed on how your investments are performing. CNNMoney, CNBC, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal… all are available to help you keep up on market movements. In addition to the web, you can catch updates from the news and financial networks.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but it’s important to remember that planning for your specific needs is most important. Keeping yourself informed will help you make the most appropriate financial decision for you.

What’s the best advice for getting started investing that you’ve received?