There are many financial decisions involved in purchasing or refinancing a home. The calculators we provide here can help you decide what type of mortgage is best for you, whether you are considering purchasing a new home or deciding if it is the right time to refinance.

Of course, the calculators don’t take into account all the factors that should be considered when choosing a new mortgage, they are designed just to offer assistance. The final decision should always be based on what’s best for you and your individual situation.

Home Loan Calculators for You

Use any of the below calculators to help you better understand your mortgage

How much would my monthly payment be?

Looking to find out how much your monthly payment on your mortgage will be? Enter a few bits of information about yourself, your home, and the type of loan you’re considering to get an accurate estimate of your monthly payment.

How much can I save with a 15-year mortgage?

Often times, individuals will weight the positive and negatives of shortening the life of their home loan. Use the above calculator to see how much money you could save by switching your mortgage to a 15-year term as opposed to a 30 or 40-year mortgage.

Can I save money by refinancing now?

The Callaway Bank has competitive rates and can help you refinance your loan to save money! The biggest question individuals have is if the time is right or if they are getting the most benefit for refinancing at this time?

How quickly can I pay off my mortgage by making additional payments?

Use this calculator not only to find out how quickly you can pay off your home loan debt by making additional payments but, also how much money on interest you could potentially save.

Should I buy a home or continue to rent?

Should you rent or should you buy your home? It takes more than looking at your mortgage payment to answer this question. The Home Rent vs. Buy calculator helps you weed through the fees, taxes and monthly payments to help you make a decision between these two options.

Should I consider consolidating my debt with a cash-out refinance?

This calculator is designed to help determine whether using a mortgage debt consolidation is right for you.  Change the consolidated mortgage loan amount, term or rate to create a loan that will work within your budget!

Should I consider consolidating my debt with a home equity loan?

Should you consolidate your debt? This calculator is designed to help determine whether debt consolidation is right for you. Change the consolidated loan amount, term or rate to create a loan that works within your budget!

Self-Help Mortgage Calculators

Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use. We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.