Personal Banking Services

Personal Banking: With You For The Moments That Matter

Life is filled with special moments. They can be really big, like buying your first home.  Or, they can be small, like dinner out with your friends.  They can even start small, like opening a savings account to help save for college. That ends with a big moment when you finally graduate.  Regardless of their size, The Callaway Bank is here with personal banking services to help you create those moments that matter.

The Callaway Bank offers flexible and simple personal banking solutions, including loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, and a full suite of online banking technology to help make all of your personal banking easier.


The Callaway Bank offers a full line of lending products, including personal loans and home loans. With over 155 years experience, home loans are our specialty.


In addition to our Free Basic Checking account and our Ultimate Checking package, we have a number of checking choices, including one specifically for students.

Rewards Program

Without any additional fees, customers with one of our Ultimate Checking accounts can earn rewards every time they use their Callaway Bank debit card.

Mobile App

The Callaway Bank Mobile App allows our customers the opportunity to bank for free on their mobile device using their current online banking login information.

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