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Let Us Help Demystify Business Finance (Program Dates TBD)

We’ve created a program designed to help you improve your business in a motivational, instructional and fun environment. Our multi-layered approach to helping businesses succeed involves two parts: an easy-to-follow course and personalized coaching.

Kristen Brown, owner of Hoot Design Co., on her experience with the Profit Mastery course within the Callaway Business Coaching program.

See Beth Snyder’s, owner of 1canoe2, comments on the program too.

Part 1: Profit Mastery® Business Finance Course

Sponsored by The Callaway Bank and Columbia EDP, Inc.

Day 1 Topics

Monitoring Financial Position

  • Understanding the Income Statement
  • Roles of a Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratios & Efficiency
  • Financial Cause & Effect
  • Case Study & Practical Application
  • Cause & Effect: Roadmap To A Bigger Bottom Line

Identifying Financial Distress

  • Seeing the Symptom
  • Identifying the Cause of the Problem
  • Prescribing a Cure
  • Improving Cash Flow and Profitability
  • Income Statement: Break-Even Analysis

Managing the Income Statement

  • Understanding Cost Behavior
  • Contribution Margin
  • Applying Break-Even in Your Business
  • Case Study and Application

Day 2 Topics

Profit Planning & Cash Flow Analysis

  • Developing a Profit Plan & Budget
  • Identifying Key Patterns of Cash Flow
  • Developing Seasonal Cash Budgets
  • Cash Forecasting as a Tool
  • Funding Seasonal/Long-Term Growth

Planning & Managing Long-Term Growth

  • Role of the Balance Sheet
  • Operating Leverage
  • Cost of Growth
  • Planning Successful Growth
  • Case Study & Practical Application

Dealing with Banks & Investor Funding

  • Understanding Loan Approval
  • What Bankers Looks For
  • Putting a Package Together
  • Understanding What’s Important to Investors

Part 2: Coaching and Consulting

Participants receive a minimum of four coaching and strategy sessions with one of our Callaway Bank Business Bankers. They’ll help you prepare for and apply the techniques you learned from the course.

Pre-Course Meeting

Two weeks prior to attending the course, we’ll sit down to review some of the materials you’ll want to have ready to help you get the most out of the course.

Industry Data

We’ll also provide you with data specific to your particular industry. This will give you a good comparison of your business’ performance and efficiency ratios to others in your field.

Post-Course Meeting

Two weeks after, we’ll discuss practices and techniques from the course, and how best to apply them to your business. We’ll also answer questions you may have thought of after the course. We can also help you create and analyze a plan for improving your bottom line.

New Year Check-Ups

In January and March, we’ll meet again. This will give us the opportunity to continue the conversation and help you progress on the goals you developed from the course. After that, we’ll continue to sit down together a couple times a year, or more, if needed.


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