If you’re a client of The Callaway Bank and you have been impacted by the shutdown, please contact us.  We have specialists with a toolkit of options customizable to your situation and we’re here to help.  While we can’t fix everything, we can at least provide some temporary no-cost support tied to your banking relationship with us to help ease your mind during this unusual time.  After all, we’re committed to being with you for the moments that matter, through thick and thin. 

Call, email, chat, or stop by, and let’s talk.  Our Customer Care Team now has extended hours to 10 pm, Mon-Sat and open from Noon-8pm on Sun to better serve you and your personal banker can provide assistance as well.

While each person’s situation is different we’ll look at a variety of options which could include waiving fees or providing loan extensions at no cost.  Other options assuch low to no interest loans to cover displaced income or benefits may be an option. 

While these are temporary no-cost options, we believe these measures will provide assistance to you during this unusual period.  As we have done for prior shutdowns, it’s one more way we demonstrate our commitment to our communities and our clients.

Please contact us with questions and for assistance.

573-657-0849 Ashland  | 573-447-1771 Columbia  | 573-642-3322 Fulton  | 573-676-5711 Mokane