Please be aware that a robo-calling scam has been dialing people in Mid-Missouri.  The automated voice says that they are with a bank and there is a problem with your debit card.   If you responded to one of these calls, please contact us immediately.  Your card may be compromised.
(Columbia Area – 573.447.1771,  Fulton Area – 573.642.3322, Toll Free – 800.446.2235)
Please understand that  The Callaway Bank, nor any other bank, would call you with that kind of process.  We will not call you and ask you for any of your account numbers, PIN codes, or your social security number.  If we do contact you, we may as a matter of properly identifying you as our customer, ask you to confirm the last 4 digits of your social security number and some other pieces of information.
Lastly, if you ever receive a call that you believe may be legitimate but you’re not positive, tell the caller that you would prefer to call them back on a phone number that you know is correct.