When you shop at local businesses your dollar goes further than just your purchase. Studies show that your dollar is recirculated up to 4 times, which ends up having a profound effect on your community.

How Shopping Local can Help Your Community

  • Local businesses spend their dollars locally – essentially reinvesting that money back into your community.
  • Shopping locally supports businesses who provide local jobs to local people, who in turn spend their dollars locally.
  • Local businesses pay taxes that provide police, fire, schools, and other services that improve the quality of our community.
  • Locally owned businesses are stronger supporters of non-profits and civic organizations, in both donations of money and volunteer hours.

Shopping locally produces 4x benefit to your community.

Callaway Bank Supports Shopping Local

Shopping local means you’re helping support the people you see in your community every day. We encourage you to Shop Local, Give Local, & Bank Local!
Brought to you by your locally owned, independent bank.
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