After last year’s Fulton Street Fair Mule Derby, The Callaway Bank created a special engineering team to work on what we call the Mule-X Project.

This special, top secret team has developed the most sophisticated Mule racer ever.  Consulting with the best scientists and engineers from MIT, NASA, NASCAR and Radio Flyer, the Mule-X team has added a plethora of high-tech advancements.  They’ve built their own test facility complete with indoor race track and wind tunnel.  They’ve experimented with the latest composite materials and hi-performance alloys.

Ultimately the Mule-X team has created a Mule Derby racer the likes of which have never been conceived.  Above all else, the Mule-X racer is sure to beat the pants off of John Bell and Roger Moser.

While we can’t reveal the whole racer yet, here’s a sneak peak at a couple sections of it.  Check back later for more updates.