Online Banking and Mobile App will be unavailable fromThursday, August 18 (starting at 6:00 p.m.) through Monday, August 22 ( midday )
Log in to our redesigned and improved digital banking experience Monday, August 22 by midday or thereafter!

The upgrade includes new tools and enhanced security. Plus, the new features fully extend seamlessly across all devices, from desktop to mobile, and even your smartwatch!

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Digital Banking Demo Site

Look up specific details within our user guide.
User Guide to Digital Banking

Digital Banking Upgrade Notes:

  • You’ll still login by going to the same dropdown menu on the top right corner of the home page, but the login page will have a new look!
  • Your current username will stay the same, but you’ll update your password when you first log in.
  • After the upgrade, your eStatements dating back to mid-2016, and Transaction History dating back 24 months, will be moved into the new Digital Banking platform and should be visible within a few weeks. Until then, we’ll be happy to provide copies of statements and images at no charge upon request. Going forward, you’ll have access to up to 7 years of eStatements and 24 months of Transaction History. And, your history will be viewable in our new mobile app, too!
  • Transaction history and check images will be viewable in Digital Banking (including the mobile app) for up to the last 24 months.
  • Scheduled bill payments and internal transfers will carry over to the new digital banking experience.
  • Going forward, you will have access to deposited items too! You’ll be able to see the Deposit Slip, plus the individual checks that make up the deposit.
  • While eAlerts will not carry over, the new system has many more alert options, and they’re very easy to set up.
  • External Transfers (other than Bill Pay) should be re-established under the new security protections, to best protect yourself against fraud.

Enhanced Security

We’re enhancing our Digital Banking security by adding out-of-band authentication to certain features. This one-time Secure Access Code is delivered through a separate communication channel, like a text, to provide protection against fraud by using a secondary verification method.

  • Why is a Secure Access Code needed? The Secure Access Code is an extra layer of security for digital banking that helps ensure your funds are safe. Using a code delivered to a phone number you have on record with us reduces the chance of fraud even if an unauthorized user learns your digital banking ID and password. The extra layer of security ensures you are notified if an unauthorized user attempts to access your digital credentials or send money out of your accounts without your knowledge.
  • Do I need to save the code? No. Each code is meant to be used only once to increase the level of protection.
  • How Often Do I Need a Secure Access Code? You’ll be prompted to set up the Secure Access Code the first time you log in, but you can choose the “Save Your Device” option to be prompted less frequently if you typically log in from the same device.
  • Does this code replace my password? No. You’ll still use a password with your user name. The Secure Access Code adds an additional layer of protection on top of your password.
  • This new “out of band authentication” security feature will be prompted for setup. You will enter your phone number and create a nickname for the device you wish to associate with the phone number. The nickname will display in a dropdown list if you choose to register multiple phone numbers for verification.
    You will also select the type of device associated with the phone number you will use for validation (Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry), then choose “text me” or “call me”.
    Enter your Secure Access Code received via your choice of text or call, and your device setup will be complete. You may choose to register another device or complete setup.
    Upon your next login, you may choose to “remember this device”, if you typically log in from the same device. Using this feature reduces the frequency of authentication because it’s marked as a known or trusted device authenticate your device (mobile or desktop).

P2P Payments

The new, more flexible P2P (Person to Person) network, with expanded functionality for small business use is available now! Contact the Customer Care Team to enroll. You can send payments by just knowing the receiver’s cell number or email, and you’ll receive confirmation within minutes.
The final day for Zelle® was August 12, 2022.


Online Bill Pay

Any Online Bill Payments scheduled to be paid from August 12 — August 22 must be submitted before Friday, August 12


    • Any payments submitted prior to that day will be processed accordingly.
    • All payees setup in Bill Pay will transfer over to the new platform, along with any recurring payments.
    • If you are an E-Bill user: E-Bills will be disabled Friday, August 12. When the system upgrade is complete on Monday, August 22, you can re-connect your eBills in the new system, in order to benefit from improved security protection.

Digital Banking Demo Site

Money Insights – Personal Finance Tool!

This fantastic NEW personal finance tool lets you easily create budgets, categorize and track spending habits, and set and track goals. By seeing how you reach a spending target, you can make smarter choices about how you spend.

  • Quickly view your investment and mortgage balances as well as credit card and bank account balances and transactions in one place, regardless of where you have the accounts. Money Insights will then automatically track your account relationships to track spending, set budgets, calculate your net worth, and more.
  • The cash flow calendar brings your budget to life through an interactive calendar. With the calendar, you can see how much money you have available to pay bills and other expenses day by day…allowing you to make informed choices on when to schedule bills and other spending.
  • Use Money Insights to create and visually track savings goals, like saving for a vacation, or a debt reduction goal, like paying off a high-rate credit card. The goals tool asks for a date by which you want to accomplish the goal and keeps track of your progress automatically.

Digital Banking Demo Site