Freedom to switch banks, without the hassle!

Maybe you’ve thought about changing banks before for many different reasons. You’ve moved, changed jobs, or just not getting the service you expect from your bank, but you haven’t changed banks because it is such a hassle.

Welcome to The Callaway Bank! Not only will we make it easy for you to switch, we’ll be glad to take care of the change for you!

This kit provides all the forms and five easy steps to make the change a breeze.

Download our Switch Kit

Opening Your Account:
We’ll do everything we can to make this quick and easy too. By law, you will need to provide various forms of ID among other items. To help the progress go smoothly, please review the list below of what is needed to open a personal checking account:

  • You must be 18 years of age to open a checking account without a parent.
  • Minimum Deposit specified for each account.
  • A driver’s license or passport
  • If you do not have a license or passport, you can bring in 2 forms of ID. (These include, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Medicare card, Insurance card.)
  • If the address you wish to put on the account does NOT match the address on your ID, we ask that you bring in any official form with your current address on it.
  • Parents or guardians cosigning on the account for a minor will need to bring in the above identification, minors will need to bring in their Birth Certificate and Social Security card as well.

For a list of requirements for other types of accounts please see: What Do I Need To Open An Account?