Simple, Secure, and Free eStatements

Make the Switch to Digital Banking eStatements: Easy, Secure, and Good for Our Community

Our eStatements bring you the detailed transaction history you’re used to, with none of the wait or waste. It’s convenient banking that’s fast, secure, and doesn’t cost you a penny extra. 

Why Digital Banking eStatements Make Sense for You: 

  • Immediate Access: Check your transactions online anytime. No more waiting for the mail or storing piles of paper. 
  • Good for Missouri: Help us cut down on paper waste. It’s a simple step toward keeping our community green and clean. 
  • Keep Your Money Safe: Protect yourself from the risk of mail fraud and identity theft. Digital Banking estatements are kept under lock and key, just for you. 
  • Absolutely Free: We’re not about hidden fees or charges. Enjoy the benefits of online statements, free of charge. 

How to Sign Up for eStatements 

For Personal Accounts: 

Enroll in Digital Banking, and log into your account. Click the Documents/Statements tab and follow these steps 

  1. Review the terms and conditions.
  2. Click the View Test Document A PDF will download to verify that you can view PDFs. 
  3. Select “Select All” to accept the terms and conditions. 
  4. Click the Accept Terms button when you are finished.

For Business Accounts:

Follow the instructions for personal eStatements above. Not enrolled in Digital Banking for Business? Reach out to our Business Banking Team, and we’ll get you set up. 

How to View Your eStatements 

After logging into Digital Banking, click the Documents/Statements tab and follow these steps to easily access your eStatements: 

  1. Use the drop-down to select a document type. 
  2. Select an account or accounts. 
  3. Use the calendar to select start and end dates. 
  4. (For Tax Forms) Select a tax year. 
  5. Click the Apply button. 
  6. Your document will be displayed. 

Convenient Digital Banking in Mid-Missouri 

Sign up for eStatements today and see the difference for yourself. Have questions or need a hand getting started? Our Customer Care Team is right here in your community, ready to help. 

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