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We are ready to help you start, grow, or expand your small business in your town. Fulton, Columbia, Ashland, Mokane, and any of our 8 mid-Missouri communities are ready to serve you. Our locations in Boone and Callaway Counties are here to serve you, but if you don’t have time to spend at the bank you can enjoy a powerful Digital Banking solution with a dedicated Business Banking Team. We’re proud of our long and stable history (over 165 years) of being the cornerstone of the many communities we serve, but it’s the future we look forward to helping you build.

Marcey with Wishflour Bakery

Wishflour Bakery

Jeff Baker, Hyk Outdoors LLC

HYK Outdoors LLC

JB Paint

JB Paint, Tile & Landscaping

Beth - 1Canoe2

Beth Snyder


Hoot Design Co.




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