Add your Callaway Bank Cards to your Mobile Wallet for quick, safe and secure payment anywhere it’s available.

Digital Mobile WalletOptions

Why Use Digital Wallets?

The purchase is faster all around — fast processing and no need to dig for your card, just use your device!

Digital Wallets creates a token (temporary card number) that is encrypted and used in place of your physical card number.
The token number is not directly tied to your account and it’s not a standard card number and can’t be used anywhere else.

Why pay with a Digital Wallet?

When it’s time to check out just make sure your device is unlocked and hold it to the terminal — you don’t even need to open the app. It uses a Near Field Communications (NFC) signal in the pdevice to transmit the data. The phone/device has to be almost touching the terminal for it to work. Look for the symbol below or any digital/mobile wallet app icon such as Apple Pay.

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