Business Digital Banking

Business Digital Banking

Enjoy business and commercial checking accounts that have 24/7 in-app and online access to keep your business running securely and smoothly. If you want powerful and tailored solutions like cash management, payment processing, merchant service, and fraud solutions – put our dedicated Business Banking Team to work for you. They will tailor a suite of solutions that fits your specific business banking needs.

With Digital Business Banking you can manage your account activity, check your account balance, perform bill payments, transfer money for operational or investment purposes, and SO much more. You can even establish multiple access levels for better control and flexibility over your staff’s access to keep your business running and safeguarded.

Explore the Digital Banking Demo Site now! Or, if you use wires and/or ACH transactions, give the Business Cash Management Digital Banking Demo Site solution a try. Our user-friendly and powerful digital banking helps get you back to growing your business! And, don’t forget, our dedicated team of local bankers is with you every step of the way!

Enjoy powerful business banking solutions backed by a dedicated Business Banking Team.

Business Online Banking FAQs

How do I login to online banking?

-To login just find the dark green login box at the top right corner of any The Callaway Bank web page. Click the drop down and select your preferred online banking tool.


Desktop view of login button.

Desktop view

Mobile view of login button.

Mobile View

What happens if I forget my password or get locked out of the system?

We employ the “three strikes and you’re out” method, so if you type your password incorrectly you may become locked out. Contact your TCB Business Team for assistance. If your business administrator is unavailable, you may contact our Customer Care Team at 573.642.3322 during regular business hours Monday-Saturday, and after proper identification, we’ll reset your access.

Can I change my Access ID and Password?

Yes. The first time you Log In you are asked to change Password to one of your own choosing. The Password must be between 8 and 12 characters, and must contain at least four numbers. Both are case sensitive.

Username and Passwords can be changed via your digital profile. Locate your name at the top-left portion of the screen, tap and select “Manage Profile”. You should change your password anytime you believe it has been compromised, and you should always keep it private. Reach out to the TCB Business Team with any questions or concerns.

Can I export my account information to Quicken® or Quickbooks® or other software?

Yes. You can export transaction information by using .CSV, .QIF, .OFX, .QFX, .IIF, or .QBO file formats. Check your software’s documentation to determine which format is appropriate.

Are my Bill Pay payments guaranteed?

With the Payments Guarantee, you can be assured that  your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed through Bill Pay, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays. The payments guarantee applies when all the payment and contact info provided is accurate.

When is the money for the Bill Pay payment withdrawn from my account?

If the payment is sent electronically, the money is withdrawn from your account one business day after processing begins. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, we print a check and mail it to the address you provide. For some checks, the money is withdrawn one business day after processing begins. For others, the money is withdrawn when the company or person deposits or cashes the check.

How does a company or person receive my Bill Pay payment?

We send payments electronically whenever possible. We send electronic payments to thousands of companies across the U.S. every day. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, we print a check and mail it to the address you provide. The check contains the following info: Your Name and Address; the company or person’s name and your account number with them, if available; the payment amount; the delivery date. If you added a memo to your payment, the info is printed on the memo line of the check.

If I delete an account, what happens to pending or scheduled transactions?

Deleting an account cancels all pending payments and other transactions from the account. The following transactions are canceled: pending payments, incoming eBills, AutoPay payments, AutoPay payments for eBills, scheduled and repeating transfers, and Popmoney payments.

Who can’t I pay with Bill Pay?

You’ll use Bill Pay to pay companies and people with addresses in the United States or its territories. You cannot use Bill Pay to send payments to addresses outside the United States. We don’t recommend using Bill Pay to make state and federal tax payments or court-ordered payments. Such payments are discouraged and are scheduled at your own risk.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. You can pay companies, friends and family members, and service providers such as the babysitter or the plumber.

How does Bill Pay work?

Provide some info about the company or person you want to pay, and then tell us how much and when you want payment made. We send your payment electronically when possible. If the person or company can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.

What is Bill Pay, and how do I sign up?

You can pay your bills via the Internet without writing out checks or going to the post office. You can even set up payments to occur in the future or to be made as recurring payments (i.e. every month, every week, or every two weeks). So no more worrying about paying bills while you’re on vacation, or forgetting to mail a payment!

Can I transfer funds from Business accounts at The Callaway Bank to another financial institution?

Yes, the business banking team can help you with the process and assist with obtaining approvals, if applicable.

When may I use Business Banking Online?

Anytime you want! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can also be customized to your business needs. There may be infrequent times when Business Banking Online is unavailable due to system upgrades, but we’ll let you know with a notice on our website.

What accounts may I access through Business Banking Online?

You will be able to access business checking, savings, CD’s, and loans you are authorized to use on behalf of the business. It’s important to keep your login information private.

What are the fees involved?

The fees for Business Banking Online are:

  • Access to account balances, history, transfers is FREE!
  • ACH – $5.00 per file $.10 per item. Additional fees may apply.
  • Wires – Outgoing Domestic – $25.00
  • For more common fees Click Here
How do I sign up for Business Banking Online?

Please contact the TCB Business Team:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: (573) 592-6390

We will customize your Business Banking Online account to your specific business needs.

How secure is Business Banking Online?

Business Banking Online is very secure. We use the latest industry-approved security technologies to protect your information, including a firewall system using the latest TLS encryption, Username, Passwords, and multifactor authentication points of validation such as out of band authentication (OOBA) Security Access Codes and security questions.

Additional information is available under “Security Statement”. Contact the TCB Business Team (573-592-6390) or our Customer Care Team (800-446-2265) with any questions.

What do I need to be able to use Business Banking Online?

You need an eligible account at The Callaway Bank. This could be a checking, savings, CD, or loan. You need internet access provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). You will need a secure version of browser software – we recommend using the most current up-to-date version to ensure optimal performance and security.

If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?

Customer Care Team at 573.642.3322, 573.447 1771 or 800.446.BANK (2265) or e-mail us at [email protected].

Can I change my challenge questions?

Yes, after logging in, select MANAGE PROFILE, then CHANGE SECURITY QUESTIONS.

SAFETY TIP: The Callaway Bank will never ask you to divulge or change your private information, and we will never change it for you.

Can I access Online Banking from multiple computers?

Yes, you can access Online Banking from any number of computers. If you log in from a computer that you haven’t used for Online Banking before, you will need to go through the verification by text or phone and successfully answer a security question. You can register as many PCs as you like, but we encourage you to register only the computers you routinely use and not register public systems.

How do I know I’m at the valid Online Banking site for The Callaway Bank?

Our Online Banking site is a separate, secure website that lets you manage your accounts and transactions any time of day.  Different browsers have different symbols to show that you’re connected through a secure, encrypted connection.

First please always make sure the site is a secure site. Check for a HTTPS:// site name and a locked pad lock in the web address. All The Callaway Bank sites will be secure.

You can access this site by using the “Login” button at the top right of the home page of, or you can use the specific URL:

If you ever have questions or concerns the site you are on is not a valid Callaway Bank site please contact the Customer Care Team at [email protected] or 800-446-2265.