CDs are another savings instrument and can earn quite a bit more in interest.  There are a variety of types of CDs but in general the way a CD works is a person agrees to deposit an amount of money for a specific amount of time.  An example would be you could open a CD for $5,000 for a 12 month term.  Because you agree to keep in the bank for that period of time the bank agrees to pay you a higher interest rate.

“Add On CDs”:  The Callaway Bank has made CDs more flexible by allowing you to keep depositing funds into your CD during its term.

Long and short-term CDs both earn more than a savings account.  Manage your earnings by combining your choice of time commitment and deposit amount. With competitive interest rates, Callaway Bank CD’s are a great way to invest and earn on your money.

Minimum to open a CD is $500.

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