Paying Bills Just Got Faster

Paying your bills is easier and a faster process with Online Bill Pay. The easy calendar function will let you pick the date your payment is to arrive and it will automatically show you the earliest arrival date available. Most vendors will also receive your payment electronically (via ACH) which means that some payments will arrive within one or two days of scheduling. Paper checks will still go out to smaller companies not equipped for electronic payment, but we anticipate more than 60% will be made electronically.

Payments are Guaranteed

Payments are guaranteed to arrive on the date you selected. If you schedule your payment according to the terms and conditions of the service, and it arrives late, any late charges (up to $50) will be covered by The Callaway Bank.

Funds Withdrawn on Pay Day

We’ve made it easy on your cash flow by changing the timing of payment. With the new system, funds are not pulled from your account until the day the payment arrives.

Expedited Payments

Ever find yourself needing to pay a bill that same day? This feature will allow for expedited payments to be made with some vendors the same day for a small fee.


Some companies now offer the option to receive their bill electronically. You’ll have the option to sign up for their electronic billing through online bill pay. This means that you can easily click to open your bill and then pay it with another click.

To Enroll In Digital Banking:

Enrollment is quick, easy, and available online. Register today: Sign Up for Digital Banking.