Our Online Banking site is a separate, secure website that lets you manage your accounts and transactions any time of day.  Different browsers have different symbols to show that you’re connected through a secure, encrypted connection.  Your URL bar will show green on a secure site and red on an unsecured site. See below for example.

First please always make sure the site is a secure site. Check for a HTTPS:// site name and the a locked pad lock in the web address.  All Callaway Bank sites will be secure.

Make sure the site has the locked padlock and says Fiserv. INC. [US] as it looks below. The Callaway Bank online site home page will look like this:


Internet Explorer


You can access this site by using the “Login” button at the top right of the home page of callawaybank.com, or you can use the specific URL:  www.callawaybankonline.com.

If you ever have questions or concerns the site you are on is not a valid Callaway Bank site please contact the Customer Care Team at [email protected] or 800-446-2265.