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The Callaway Bank: Online Banking Basics Video
The Callaway Bank: Mobile Banking Video
The Callaway Bank: Bill Pay Video
The Callaway Bank: Money Insights, Personal Financial Management Tool Video
The Callaway Bank: Preferences & Settings Video Tutorial
Business Cash Management Tutorial Video

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Digital Banking Step-By-Step Guide
Business Cash Management Step-By-Step Guide

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The Callaway Bank: Digital Banking Demo Site
Business Cash Management Demo Site

The Online Banking Basics Video:
– Overview of the Dashboard
– Account Details Page: How to get specific account information
– Managing Payees
– Bill Pay Information
– Transferring Money Between Accounts
– P2P Payments
– Managing Payments
– Manage Your Debit Card
– Stop Payment
– Documents Storage Options



The Mobile Banking Video shows how you can get going on your device.
– Downloading The App
– Apple Touch ID Setup
– Android Fingerprint Login Setup
– PIN Login
– Apple Face ID Setup
– Mobile Banking Interface
– Mobile Deposit
– Alerts
– Manage Cards


The Bill Pay Video covers:
– Bill Pay Navigation
– Pay a Person
– Pay a Company
– Editing or Deleting a Payee
– Making a Payment or Multiple Payments
– Setting Up eBills
– Rush Delivery
– Editing or Cancelling a Pending Payment
– Adding, Editing or Deleting an Account


Money Insights, Personal Financial Management Tool Video covers how you can create budgets, categorize and track spending habits, and set and track goals. By seeing how you reach a spending target, you can make smarter choices about how you spend.
– Linking Accounts
– Tagging Transactions
– Budgets
– Cashflow
– Goals
– Net Worth


The Preferences & Settings Video covers the following topics:
– Change Username
– Change Password
– Change Security Questions
– Contact Settings
– Managing Alerts
– Locations
– Secure Messages Overview
– Sending a Secure Message