Lydia Sinden

Personal Banker

Fulton (South)

Lydia is a native of the Fulton area with deep family roots here in the community. After earning her dental assistant degree, she realized that was not her true passion thus leading her to her current position with us here at The Callaway Bank while continuing with her drive-in helping others.  

When she is not immersing herself in reading an enjoyable book or revamping a room in her home with creative decor, she can be found diving into some retail therapy or spending time with her pets. While her volunteer has taken a backseat lately, she is eager to dive back into the community and help again.  

 Lydia thrives on the opportunity to assist and reassure people that she is here to help them every step of the way. She is part of a supportive team dedicated to guiding clients through every financial process. Here at the Bank, she feels this close-knit group is a second family and enjoys sharing that same feeling with everyone she helps.