LaTerraza Staff

Maria and Luis Ramirez, La Terraza and Go Fresco owners

Maria and Luis Ramirez, owners of La Terraza restaurant in Columbia, began their relationship with The Callaway Bank more than seven years ago when they were considering adding a second restaurant. They worked with Jason Ramsey, AVP and Commercial Lender, to explore the possibilities, which started a very close relationship that continues to grow.

While each business banking relationship has different components, one thing is always there for a successful relationship – trust. Their trust in The Callaway Bank has helped them decide whether to open a second location. Trust has helped Jason work with them through a pandemic and local health department shutdowns, and trust has allowed the Bank to help them receive government assistance during the pandemic. Trust has allowed the Bank to help them expand their rental portfolio to provide housing for their workers. Trust has allowed the Bank to help them launch a separate produce business, Go Fresco, that supplies fresh produce to area restaurants.

These are examples of The Callaway Bank’s commitment to small business and helping people pursue their passions through moments that matter. The Callaway Bank is delighted to help Luis and Maria continue to grow and expand their roots in Columbia and create more moments that matter.

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