CD Specials: Flexibility to earn a competitive rate while keeping your funds local and saving towards your goals

The For Your Community CD Special allows you to keep your hard-earned dollars right here in central Missouri while providing a premium rate for your CDs (Certificate of Deposit). Plus, our CDs allow you to keep depositing funds into your CD during its term. Contact us for current CD Specials and Rates.

View of Fulton, MO, Main Street with Local Banking LogoWhen you spend money locally, or in this case, save money with a CD locally, those dollars don’t just evaporate to some corporate headquarters across the country or around the world. Instead, they stay in the community, where they’re reinvested three to six more times.

There are many clear benefits to spending money locally, and at The Callaway Bank, we don’t just do business in the community; we live, volunteer, and give back. As an independent community bank, our neighborhoods are more than just our livelihood; all our decisions center around local needs and how we can give back. That’s why we do all we can to support our local community, including the push to shop, spend, and save locally. We want to be more than your bank, we want to be your financial partner and help you achieve your financial goals.

The For Your Community CD is a special savings opportunity that not only provides a premium rate, but it supports your community by keeping your dollars local. Reach out to find which option is right for you in Ashland, Columbia, Fulton, Mokane, and the wonderful communities in between!