The Callaway Bank 165th Anniversary

The Callaway Bank celebrates 165 years in business in 2022. The bank is the oldest independent bank west of the Mississippi River.

Ashland Branch Opened April 17, 2015

The Callaway Bank rounds out its eighth banking office with a new bank in Ashland, Mo.

Lake of the Wood Branch Opens

We celebrated 150 years serving Mid-Missouri as an independent community bank in 2007. Our Lake of the Woods, the third Columbia location, was opened as part of this milestone.

The Callaway Bank Expands to 2nd Columbia Branch

The Callaway Bank follows the original Columbia branch by opening its second facility at 3200 West Broadway, Columbia.

The Callaway Bank Settles into Columbia

The first facility is opened in Columbia at 1600 Chapel Hill Road

The Callaway Bank Merges with Steedman Bank

The 2 banks merge to replace services lost to Mokane residents during the disastrous Missouri River flood of the same year.

Southern Fulton Branch Opened

South Bank in Fulton opens.

Man Landed on The Moon

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module lands on the moon.

Drive-in Banking Brought to Fulton

The Callaway Bank brought drive-in banking to Fulton with its first separate downtown facility.

The Callaway Bank Survives The Great Depresssion

Only 2 banks in Callaway County survived The Great Depression, one of which was The Callaway Bank.