Protected by Fraud Analytics

Debit card fraud seems to be continually growing.  To fight these crooks Callaway Bank customers are kept safe with a fraud monitoring system that looks for suspicious activity on your debit card. Fraud Analytics scores each transaction on your debit card with a numerical score which indicates the likelihood of the transaction being fraudulent. Transactions over a certain score generate an alert, which is then reviewed by fraud detection experts who then contact the cardholder to determine if the transactions are fraudulent. If transactions are identified as fraudulent the cards are blocked, cards are reissued, and they begin the process of getting your money back.

Fraudulent Activity on Your Account?

If you find any fraudulent activity on your account, come into the bank as soon as possible so that we can begin the process of correcting the fraudulent activity. We will immediately begin to research and restore your account, in order to keep your information and finances secure.

Lost or Stolen Card

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately by either coming into the bank or calling our Customer Care Team at (800) 446-2265 about canceling your card and ordering you a new one.

  • For after hours call: (800) 472-3272 to report a LOST or STOLEN card.

Protect yourself against identity theft.

Learning how to protect yourself is the first step in guarding against identity theft. To view the FDIC’s video on protecting yourself against internet thieves and electronic scams you can visit In the event that your identity is stolen, you need to know what to do to correct it. The Missouri Highway Patrol provides information on “What to do if it happens to you.