January 22, 2021

As with all banking decisions, you have a choice! At The Callaway Bank, one of the many choices you have is to open an Ultimate Checking® account.
Ultimate Checking® differs from a typical checking account in several ways and below you will see what benefits you will receive if you open one up today!

  • Refunded Non-Callaway ATM Fees¹
  • Free bank logo checks²
  • One waived overdraft fee annually³
  • No required minimum balance
  • Free paper statements

Giving back to the communities we serve is very important to us. Callaway Bank Rewards, offered through Ultimate Checking®, helps us to accomplish this goal. Customers can redeem their Rewards points to make a donation to local charities. Click here for more information on this uniquely designed option of Callaway Bank Rewards.
As a special promotion, current customers who are interested in upgrading to Ultimate Checking® will receive a free FavCard®. To open a checking account, stop into any Callaway Bank branch and ask a representative for more information!
For more information on checking accounts with The Callaway Bank, contact a Personal Banker or Financial Services Representative.

¹To get ATM fees refunded notify The Callaway Bank within 60 days of the statement date when the fee(s) were posted. Applies only to ATMs within the United States. ²Contact The Callaway Bank to waive (one) $32.50 overdraft fee per rolling 12 month period. ³Bank logo checks are included one box at a time for this account.