Digital Wallets

Now You Can Pay with Your Phone!

The Callaway Bank now offers Digital Wallets: Google Pay™, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay™.



Digital Wallets are digital versions of your debit or credit cards stored in an app on your mobile device.  To protect you and your card information, the card number and personal information are not actually stored on the phone.  Your card number is only used to setup your digital wallet.

What makes a digital wallet so great? Simply put, convenience. A digital wallet allows users to make purchases with just their phone, instead of their physical debit or credit card. No more digging for your wallet. It’s literally as easy as touching your phone to the payment terminal to make your purchase. You’ll also be able to use your digital wallet for online and in-app purchases.

It’s fast and more secure than a traditional card.

How do I setup my card?

  1. Download the appropriate app. (iPhones® already have the Wallet app installed, and many Android phones do too.  Apple Pay only works on iPhones, and Android Pay only works on Android Phones.  Samsung Pay only works on Samsung Phones, and yes Samsung’s can also use Android Pay.)
  2. Load your card. The app will walk the user through the process.  The apps make it easy by using the camera to capture your card info.
  3. Verification.  The app will prompt the user to call the bank so we may confirm  the user’s identity.  We will ask you for key information like your social security number, and we’ll ask you to name one of your most recent card purchases.
  • Note: Many iPhone customers won’t have to do this step if they are using the card they have setup in their iTunes/Apple account.

All Done!  Cardholders will receive a notice in the mail within a few days to confirm that they setup their digital wallet.

How do I use the wallet app?

When it’s time to check out just make sure your device is unlocked and hold it to the terminal — you don’t even need to open the app.  It uses a Near Field Communications (NFC) signal in the phone to transmit the data.  The phone has to be almost touching the terminal for it to work.  Look for a card terminal that has the symbol below on it, or any digital wallet app icon such as Apply Pay.

NFC icon



More information regarding your specific wallet can be found on these websites:


What is the cost to use a digital wallet?

$0. Nothing. Nada.  The purchase will be the same amount as if you paid with your card.

Please note that wireless data charges may apply and you should consult with your wireless carrier for more information.  


How is it secure?

  1. Your card numbers are not stored on the phone. The wallet app assigns each credit and debit card a virtual card number, sometimes referred to as a token, that is only associated with the digital wallet and mobile device you use.
  2. When you use your device to pay, the wallet doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead it uses the virtual card number to represent your account info. Your card then is never exposed and neither is your checking account.
  3. The apps require authorization via your fingerprint, passcode or other security measure before completing the transaction. Additionally, to just have a card loaded the app will require the user to have their device security setup.  Therefore if someone found your phone they couldn’t access your wallet without unlocking your phone.

Will the transaction appear differently on my statement?

No.  It will look like any other debit or credit card transaction.


Are all mobile devices capable of using their respective digital wallets? (ie: Can all iPhones use Apple Pay?)

No.  Older phones are not compatible.  Below are general rules of thumb to use:

  • iPhones have to be iPhone 6 or newer.
  • Samsung phones have to be Galaxy 6s or newer.
  • Google Pay is available on all non-rooted Android devices (KitKat 4.4+).

See your device manufacturer for more specific details.


What if I get a new card?

Let’s say you get a new card because your old one is expiring.  You will need to load your new card into your wallet and go through the authentication process by calling the bank again.  Then you can delete your old card from your wallet.





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Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Android, Android Pay, and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

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