Business Cash Management: ACH, Wires, and Positive Pay

Important Reminder: ACH files must be completed before 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 18, 2022.

Digital Cash Management is a part of Digital Banking, but it is specifically available for business clients using ACH, Wires, and Positive Pay.

Quick Links For Cash Management Clients:
These links provide information regarding features specific to the Cash Management (ACH, Wires, and Positive Pay) section of Digital Banking.

Links for the other features and use of Digital Banking in general:
(Digital Cash Management is subsection of Digital Banking.)


In addition to our changes to Personal Online Banking, we have updated our whole array of Business Banking tools! These features give you complete control over your Cash Management needs. Keep track of each of your user’s roles within the system with our extensive User Management tools. You can also build templates to make ACH and Wire payments faster than ever. And, take care of business on the go with our new Mobile Banking app!

The Business Cash Management Tutorial Video below will help you stay updated with your ACH, Wire, Alerts, and Reports!

Company Management Overview
Creating and Managing a Participant
Company Limits
Creating an ACH Batch
Creating a Domestic Wire
Creating an International Wire
Managing ACH Batch Templates
Managing Wire Transfer Templates
Managing Business Alerts
ACH File Upload
Sub-Users Overview