Upgrading Your Banking Experience

Upgrading Your Banking Experience

mobile app iconWe have completely redesigned our mobile banking experience for better access to information and control over your accounts. The new app and online portal are easy to use and fully integrates into our banking system, which means it delivers the same functionality as if you were using online banking from a desktop computer. The new app works for both business and consumer accounts, too. What’s even more exciting are the new features and tools you’ll have at your fingertips.

We’re committed to providing state-of-the-art banking products and services, AND we’re committed to providing customized support from bankers who care about YOU. We firmly believe the upgrades will enable us to create even better moments that matter to you and our communities.


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Upgrade FAQs

How long is the Upgrade going to take?

Starting Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 p.m.through Monday, August 22 (midday) is the Upgrade duration. During this time Account Balances, Online Banking, Mobile App, and Telebanking
will be unavailable.

When do I need to use my NEW! Debit Card?

Thursday, August 18 is when your NEW! Debit Card will be activated and your old debit card (the one you have now) will be turned off.

How can I stay updated with all upgrade dates and info?

Text “UPGRADE” to 800-446-2265
We’ll text you reminders about important upgrade dates such as the last day to schedule a bill payment, when online and mobile banking will be going offline, when ATMs are updated, reminders to switch out your debit card, and update your mobile app.

Will my loan number change?

Yes, your existing loan number will change slightly. The only difference is that we are adding “-10” to the end. For example, if your loan number is now “12345678” after the upgrade it will be, “12345678-10”

Can I continue to use my checks?

Yes! Checks remain valid because account numbers are remaining the same.

Can I keep my existing account number?

Yes! Account numbers (checking, savings, CD) are not changing during the Upgrade. There will be a change to your loan number, please see this FAQ for full details.